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CURRYVILLE, Mo.  —  About three hours east of Kansas City, along a rural highway in Curryville, MO, a sign welcomes you to Cornerstone Farms.  The sign says ‘Where Children Are a Blessing from the Lord.’

It’s where Kristin Akin bought a puppy that she thought was healthy and only six-months old.

However, Kylie wasn’t healthy, Akin says. She’s also still not certain about the real age of her dog.

Akin says she spent $3,000 to get Kylie well.

“She had horrific infections in both ears, really severe. And she was just itching non-stop all over.  So she had open sores on the back of her front legs,” said Akin.

Akin says her vet also told her Kylie`s teeth look like adult teeth rather those of an 8-month old pup.

But Cornerstone Farms maintains the second health record they gave Akin on Kylie is accurate. Akin says Cornerstone Farms and breeder Debra Ritter gave her two different birth records for Kylie.  She fears both records are wrong.  The first record stated Kylie was born this past January.  When Akin questioned if her puppy was really six months old, she was given new paperwork that said the dog was born last November.

Ritter says she has 26 kids, many adopted, ten still living at home.   She said they are all caring for the animals.  She would not FOX 2 News cameras on the property.

Nearly 500 dogs live in the back, according to Missouri Agriculture inspection reports.

In 2015, Missouri Agriculture inspectors wrote violations ranging from:

  1. Inadequate bedding with a ‘temperature at the time of… 33 degrees’
  2. A “(dog) housed in an enclosure that did not provide six inches of head space’
  3. And a ‘(puppy) observed with all four feet passing through the wire flooring.’

“I really just want to know how old my dog is.  I love her.  I wouldn`t trade her,” Akin said, although Ritter suggested she’d be happy to take back Kylie if Akin was unhappy with the sale.