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GRANT CITY, Mo. — The U.S. Postal Service praised a Missouri mail carrier on its Facebook page for following his instincts and checking on a customer when he noticed the customer hadn’t picked up his mail.

According to the post, Mark Abplanalp is a rural carrier, servicing Grant City, Mo. Abplanalp delivered mail to a farm there recently and when he returned two days later, he noticed the mail was untouched.  Abplanalp called the sheriff and the two of them, along with the man’s son-in-law began searching for the farmer.

They found him about a mile from home, where he had been stranded for three days.

He was using his tractor to do some chores when it broke down. The farmer didn’t have a cell phone with him and walks with a cane. 

Abplanalp said he is thankful he discovered the man and said he wished he had been delivering mail each day so he could have found him sooner.

The farmer was thirsty, but reportedly okay.

Grant City, Mo., is about two hours north of Kansas City.