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Medical marijuana business owners in the Kansas City area expect to see long lines when they start recreational sales in early February, but no shortage of product.

The new amendment to the Missouri Constitution that enables recreational marijuana sales includes a Feb. 7 deadline for issuing comprehensive licenses for medical plus adult use sales.

Greenlight Dispensary CEO John Mueller said he expects to get his license on Feb. 6 and start sales on Feb. 7, or at the very least sometime early in February.

“My personal belief is that I don’t expect supply to be a major issue in Missouri,” Mueller said.

“We have excessive canopy for a medical program, but just about the right amount for an adult use market to basically start chipping away at the black market. There are millions of dollars in products sitting in people’s vaults today because they didn’t want to see a race to the bottom in terms of pricing for medical marijuana. So that excess that’s out there, plus the canopy that’s already growing will be far sufficient to deal with the influx of customers.”

Mueller expects Missouri’s marijuana industry to more than double its current sales, reaching about $70 million to $80 million monthly.

Currently, about 65% of sales in Missouri are in the flower category. Mueller expects that to gradually transition to the 50% seen in more mature markets like Colorado.

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