Even as the U.S. may be headed toward a recession, the $33 billion cannabis industry is expected to create 108,000 new jobs this year, including 16,000 in Missouri.

Those jobs include roles people typically associate with the marijuana industry: cultivation technicians, dispensary managers, brand managers, chemists and packaging technicians.

But some of the most sought after jobs aren’t tied to growing, packaging and selling. Those include CFO, controller, accountants, human resources professionals and vice presidents of manufacturing.

“The industry is under quite a bit of financial pressure,” said Liesl Bernard, CEO of executive search and staffing company CannabizTeam.

“There are a ton of taxes companies have to deal with. A lot of these companies are looking for financing. There’s a ton of accounting scrutiny that happens, probably a lot more than other industries. So cannabis companies are really looking for sophisticated finance and accounting talent to help them grow their businesses and keep them compliant with all the government regulations.”

As of earlier this month, Missouri adults can now legally purchasing recreational marijuana. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services began approving requests from marijuana dispensaries to convert their medicinal licenses to recreational licenses.

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