KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Stores like Good Day Farm aren’t used to dealing with lines of customers for marijuana, but that was the case this weekend.

Good Day Farm has three Kansas City dispensaries and the company spent weeks stocking up on cannabis for the launch of recreational marijuana sales.

And officials say they were not disappointed.

While they declined to disclose exact sales figures, the company did say that it served thousands of new customers over the weekend with sales several times higher than what it would usually see.

Adam Hodge, Good Day Farm Compliance Director 20:08:09:

“Here we were full basically all day the whole time we were open on Friday and Saturday. In this store, it was definitely just a packed house, lines in the lobby and everything. I think we kept most people inside out of the weather but for the most part it was very busy and exciting,” Adam Hodge, Good Day Farm compliance director said.

Missouri is now accepting applications for those who want a license to grow their own marijuana at home.

Those who receive a special cultivation card can have up to 18 plants growing at a time.

Those 18 plants include six flowering plants, six non-flowering plants up to 14 inches tall and six clone plants that are smaller than 14 inches.

“I’ve talked to a few patients over the weekend, I say patients but they’re customers now, customers now who are glad that’s an option for them to safely grow their own,” Hodge said.

Until those licenses are issued, 207 dispensaries across Missouri are now legally selling cannabis to anyone 21 or older.

The use of technology also helped ease congestion over the weekend with these new customers as you could order product online and then come through the drive thru to pick up your cannabis.