MoDOT Considering Kansas City To St. Louis Toll

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Would you pay a couple extra bucks in tolls for a weekend trip to St. Louis? MoDOT is considering placing tolls between Kansas City and St. Louis, but still needs to get approval from the state and federal government.

MoDOT says they need the money to maintain the highway, but others say it’s a bad idea.

“It’s vital long term for the economic prosperity of our state that I-70 get rebuilt,” MoDOT director Kevin Keith said. “We have to find a way to do that. Now, not everyone is supportive of, or even likes to have toll roads, but it’s work talking about.”

MoDOT says it would start by meeting with lawmakers, holding planning meetings, and meeting with the public for feedback.  It’s still working out details on where it would place the toll booths and how much to charge.



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