MoDOT crews rush to help victims of crash on 40-Highway

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Maintenance workers about to start a ditch project in Blue Springs ended up being first on the scene of a deadly crash. The Missouri Department of Transportation said its crews went above and beyond to help the drivers.

Worker Lerita Morrow said, “Yesterday my thoughts when I was done here and went was my two younger children, and coming through the door and hugging them.” FOX 4 caught up with Morrow and her crew Tuesday. There was a sense of heaviness in the room. The group was about to start work on a ditch Tuesday morning near 40 Highway and Cemetery Road in Blue Springs. Worker Chris Osbern said, “Just as we all started to group together, I’ve heard several wrecks before but that was an amazingly devastating hit.”

Osbern said the team split immediately; some ran to a driver in a silver Mustang, others to the a driver in a red Prius, and the rest started blocking off the road. He said, “We were immediately able to get on the highway and start directing traffic off of the scene and just keep everybody away from it until the first responders came.”

Osbern ran to the tree line to help the young driver in the Mustang. He said, pointing to his wrist, “He was coming up, you could clearly see that his wrist was out here and all.” Morrow said the driver was really worried about the other man involved. “He was really concerned about the other gentleman. It was a thing of trying to keep him calm and cool, telling him that he needs to sit down.” Fox 4 spoke with the driver of the Mustang Tuesday. He broke his wrist, but was released from the hospital. He didn’t want to talk on camera because he was very upset about what happened.

Meanwhile, Morrow had gone to the other driver, a 70-year-old man in the Prius. He did not survive the crash. Morrow said she, “tried to hold his hand, what hand you could reach. To walk up to the vehicle and see what I saw, and know there was only so much we could do before paramedics got there.”

Both Osbern and Morrow spent extra time Monday night thankful for their jobs, their families, and their children. Osbern said, “They know that every day I leave, I may not come back.” Morrow said, “I want them to be productive in life, and love everyone and be the best that they can every morning and thank the Lord for the day that they’re given because you may not get to see another one, like the gentleman in that accident.”

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