MoDOT employees frustrated after overnight burglary

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KANSAS CITY — Thieves stole welders, chain saws and other hand tools from a Missouri Department of Transportation maintenance shop late Thursday  night.

When workers first arrived at the West Bottoms location just after 5 a.m. Friday, they found a section of chain link fence surrounding their maintenance yard had been cut and peeled back.

“They breached the fence and came in with what appears to be a truck,” said Clem Anderson, MoDOT maintenance supervisor. “We got some tire marks there so it appears they were on the property with an actual vehicle.”

MoDOT workers say a garage door to the shop had been left open. Inside, tools were scattered. More than a dozen expensive hand tools were also missing, including welders, chain saws and air-powered impact wrenches. MoDOT hasn’t determined an estimate yet on the losses.

“Pretty frustrating for a Friday,” Anderson said.

Burned rubber in the maintenance garage mades it appear that the thieves loaded up their loot inside the garage and then peeled out in a hurry. Workers weren’t sure how the crooks got the garage open. They say there doesn’t appear to be damage to the building.

“I think we will definitely look into maybe adding some more resources to help us out security-wise,” Anderson said.

MoDOT says thefts at this center are rare. At other locations that thieves have targeted, surveillance cameras have been installed. Anderson says that may now happen at the West Bottoms location as well.



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