MoDOT says later kickoff in tandem with help from Mother Nature make travel easier for Chiefs fans

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Transportation says the Chiefs’ new later kickoff time for Sunday’s playoff game will work to its advantage, as Mother Nature can now lend a helping hand in de-icing roads.

Instead of a noon game, the Chiefs will now play at 7:20 p.m. when MoDOT expects weather conditions to improve.

“Since they moved the game to the evening, I think it will be a lot better for everyone because temperatures are expected to rise,” said Lynelle Luther, a MoDOT district maintenance engineer.

“So that will give us time to get the ice off the road and the temperatures to help us in that respect.”

MoDOT crews began pre-treating roads Thursday afternoon. By Friday night, about 200 dump trucks began making the rounds to focus on checking bridges and overpasses for slick spots.

The crews have plans to work around the clock through this weekend’s ice storm.

“We have pretreated all of our roads and ramps and now we`re just waiting for the storm to arrive,” Luther explained.

Luther said MoDOT expects Saturday night to be the worst of it, with icy conditions possibly creating dicey situations for thousands of fans trekking to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

“There could be a traffic jam,” Luther said, “or if there`s a collision that could bottleneck traffic, so we urge everyone to drive cautiously and drive in accordance with the conditions.”

Luther said they’ll keep an eye on potential issues from Kansas City Scout cameras posted across the metro –with operators standing by to dispatch crews in an instant.

“There are Chiefs fans all over the area,” she said, “and so they all have to get to that location, so we focus on the entire region.”

While Luther said the game will not alter MoDOT’s initial plan of attack, she said the later kickoff time will work to their advantage.



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