Mom Asks for Forgiveness for Her Son

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The mother of a Kansas City, Missouri, teen charged in the street racing death that killed a friend says that her son is sorry for the tragic chain of events that ended in the loss of another teen's life.

Dawontay Frazier, 19, is charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the April car crash that killed 17-year-old Alycia Cornelius. Frazier's mother, Tonya Bell, says that it all began with her son's willingness to help a friend.

"(Cornelius) called him, 'Please come and get me, we are about to get jumped, get me away from here'," said Bell, who says that her son picked up Cornelius from school. After hanging out at his house for a while, the two got into a car to go get some food, but they never got there.

According to court records, Frazier's Chevrolet Impala was racing a Chevrolet Monte Carlo at speeds of over 100 mph along Hillcrest Road in south Kansas City when it veered off the road and slammed into some trees, tearing the vehicle apart and killing Cornelius.

Frazier was seriously injured in the crash.

"When he came out of his coma and realized what happened, he was hoping it was all a dream," said Bell. "He suffers everyday, he don't get sleep, he don't eat, he's not the same person because he knows what he done, he knows it was wrong."

Bell, a school bus driver for the past 14 years, says that she has a hard time wrapping her head around her son driving so fast, since she says that she had always preached to him the importance of patience and safety behind the wheel.

"Slow down, buckle up, do what you are supposed to do on the blacktop, because it will come back and bite you and you can't run from it," said Bell.

She says that what her son told her after the crash were hard for her to hear.

"He really said to me these harmful words, 'I wish it was me not her'," said Bell. "That's hurtful for a parent like me."

Still, Bell says that she knows that those words pale in comparison to what Cornelius' parents are going through. But she is still asking for forgiveness.

"To Alicia's family, her mom and dad please do not beat my son up for his mistake," said Bell. "He regrets it down to the core, I want you guys to please forgive him."

Frazier has a preliminary court hearing set for October 25th.



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