Mom fights for answers for 400 lb. daughter

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City mother says she has spent years trying to help her now 11-year-old daughter get to a healthy weight, which has spiked to 400 pounds.

Earlene Johnson said her daughter’s pediatrician referred her to Children’s Mercy Hospital. But, instead of getting help, the mom claims she got “hotlined.”

Johnson said she finds the whole thing insulting. Not only did a doctor at the children’s hospital refuse to help her find the true cause of the weight gain of her daughter, Falica, she was instead told it was her fault.

“We exercise everyday. We’ve been in nutrition classes every since 2007,” Johnson said.

At just 11 years old, Falica is 400 pounds. And it’s a mystery that has even stumped her pediatrician, who Johnson says has tried everything to explain her weight gain.

In September 2012, Falica’s primary care doctor referred her to Children’s Mercy. Johnson said when they got there, they didn’t get the help they were hoping for.

“They would not do any blood work, they wouldn’t do any x-rays, they wouldn’t do any testing on my daughter. They were saying that they believe that she overeats and that Ican stop it,” a frustrated Johnson said. “Basically they were telling me that it was my fault.”

Johnson said she was only told to follow up with the nutrition clinic. She made an appointment, but got a surprise not long after.

“The next day, when I got home, the state of Missouri and child services was at my house. Children’s Mercy had hotlined me stating that my daughter, Falica Solomon, had a disease called “blout.”

But, Johnson said, no “bout” was found when she took Falica back to her pediatrician. In fact, she said her pediatrician said there is no such thing.

Johnson showed FOX 4 paperwork stating the new labwork revealed her daughter’s blood work, blood sugar and blood cholesterol were all “normal.”

“Everyone should have proper medical care regardless if you’re white, black, purple, pink, red or whatever.”

She and her daughter are still looking for what’s causing the dangerous weight gain.

Johnson said she has since moved Falica to the “Healthy Hawks” program and a different hospital. So far, she has already lost 10 pounds.

Children’s Mercy told FOX 4 they don’t have a patient by Falica’s name.

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