Mom frustrated after first-grader denied Chiefs backpack at event; KCPS responds


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A co-sponsored event involving the Chiefs at a Kansas City elementary school turned sour for one family.

Kendra Griffin feels duped after attending Kingdom United Day on Thursday afternoon at Whittier Elementary School.

“I feel like it was false advertisement,” Griffin said. “It just wasn’t fair.”

On Wednesday, parents received an email from the school inviting them to the one day only drive-thru event. Students were promised a “Chiefs Super Bowl Champions backpack, books, school supplies and a free Happy Meal coupon from McDonald’s.

“They had the cheerleaders and mascot, which was really exciting, very exciting,” Griffin said.

Griffin waited in line with her first-grader for about 40 minutes before they got to the front of the line. She gave the school her son’s name, but instead of giving him a Chiefs backpack, they gave the family a Ziplock bag full of school supplies.

“So I said, ‘Do he get a backpack?'” she recalled.

Griffin said they told her that her son couldn’t have one because he’s learning virtually this year.

“‘He doesn’t get one?’” she questioned. “They said they’re only for children that are in school, and I said, ‘What’s the difference?’ To my knowledge, school is not open. You know, what children going to school? I didn’t get that.”

In an email to FOX4, Ray Weikal, a spokesperson for Kansas City Public Schools, apologized profusely to Griffin and her son, calling the exchange a “misunderstanding and miscommunication.” He said the first-grader should have received a Chiefs backpack with all the supplies and promised to make things right.

Weikal added that the mishap appeared to be a “one-off situation.”

Griffin said her intentions weren’t to blow the situation out of proportion. She just believes in fighting for what’s right, not matter how small the issue.

“I just hope their communication will be better,” she said.

FOX4 was able to connect Griffin with the district’s spokesperson. Weikal said they would do whatever it takes to get Griffin’s son his backpack – even if takes having it delivered to the family’s home.



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