KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Monster Jam rolls into the Kansas City metro this weekend, but one truck made a pitstop at a local elementary school.

“El Toro Loco” pulled into the parking lot outside Pitcher Elementary School near 38th and Pittman Road. The stop allowed students at the school to get up close to the monster truck.

“We’re all about the kids. We are a family company. This is a great way for them to come and see, just get a feel for it. You know, they always think it’s so cool that they can touch the tires if they want,” said Shelby Fisher, a Monster Jam technician.

Pitcher Elementary is just five minutes away from GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium where Monster Jam will be held Saturday.

“They always ask a lot of questions. They more ask, how do you get in it? Is this actually like a real truck? Did you drive it over here? How much does it weigh? How fast does it go? It’s just things like that,” Fisher said.

Monster Jam has a partnership with Kansas City Public Schools. It donates tickets to all Monster Jam events that come to Kansas City. It also provides ticket discounts to allow as many families to attend shows as possible.

Tickets are on sale for Monster Jam at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday, May 20. Prices start around $20.