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SMITHVILLE, Mo. — A Smithville veteran of the Iraq War and his family got to see the results of a home makeover Wednesday, courtesy of the Lifetime show, “Military Makeover.” 

Chad Huber couldn’t help but watch and record the commotion next door. After all, it’s not everyday there’s a TV camera on a crane outside and a longtimeTV host standing in your neighborhood. 

Montel Williams replaced the show’s original host R. Lee Ermey, of Full Metal Jacket, who died in April.

“These guys did a full house makeover in nine days. I`m telling you — kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms — everything done in nine days,” Williams said.

On the show, Williams focuses on telling inspirational stories of the U.S. military and is joined by an interior designer and contractor who galvanize the local community to come together to help a wounded veteran.

“The sod was laid by a group of high school kids (Smithville’s FFA). We had the Sons of the American Legion local come out with a backhoe and dug up the back yard it was a community effort,” co-host Art Edmonds said.

“It`s very easy for people to say, ‘I support the troops.’ It just becomes something you say off your tongue. But it`s different when you actually take action, and Kansas City is great about taking action,” interior designer and Kansas City native Jennifer Bertrand said.

As people grabbed their cellphones to record the big reveal Wednesday, one fellow veteran in the crowd knew the overwhelming feelings of support that Matt Moyers and his family were about to experience. Zeke Crozier’s helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

“I was in a coma. I had to learn to walk and talk again,” Crozier said.

Crozier appeared on a 2017 episode of the show where he told the hosts, “This means everything to me right now.”

“It doesn’t fix everything of course, but the purpose is to give you a stepping stone, to give you a little bit of ease and the stress in life,” Crozier said Wednesday, reflecting on his makeover.

As the Moyers headed inside to check out improvements, including brighter colors and a walk in shower, the show’s hosts just couldn’t stop bragging about the metro.

“You ask them to step up, and as you can see, they step up,” Edmonds said.

“Watching the way your community in Kansas City has come out here, there`s props here, and people ought to understand that Kansas City is setting the way,” Williams said.

The Moyers’ home was the show’s 16th makeover and third time they’ve visited the Kansas City metro. At 6:30 a.m. Friday, you can check out the conclusion of the makeover of the Harrison family’s home in Independence on Lifetime.

No air-date has been announced for Williams’ debut as host and the Smithville episode.