RAYTOWN, Mo. — A young mother was shot and killed close to home in Raytown. It happened six months ago and no one is charged in her death. Her family wants to know why and see her killer brought to justice.

Jonice Burks, 23, lived for her daughters. Her family said she went to the bank with her boyfriend and never came home. They say there is more to the story and want to see action in her case.

For her family there is only one way to describe Jonice.

“Light. A light. She was just a light,” her uncle, Titus Lauderdale said.

Burks mother, Monica Jackson, said she was a mother of two little girls and lived for them.

“She loved her girls,” Jackson said. “She was determined to make life better for herself and for her girls. She would do anything for them and that was her focus.”

On November 30, 2021, Jackson said Burks went to the bank. Jonice, her boyfriend, and possibly another person were in the car. Jackson and Lauderdale say they were home around 11 p.m. when they heard gunshots outside their home.

“Disbelief. I had to call a couple to people to make sure that was her car,” Lauderdale said.

Her mother said she was shot in the head and died in her car a few blocks from their house at 74th Street and Raytown Road.

“The evidence is there. It’s there,” Jackson said.

Since then, a man was arrested by Raytown Police but was released shortly after without charges. The family says they don’t hear much about the case.

“You hate to keep hearing no new evidence, no new this… nothing’s happened but how hard are you trying to make something happen? That’s the question,” Jackson said.

While they wait for answers, Jonice’s daughters are growing up without her.

“Watching her take her first step not too long ago was difficult knowing she’s never going to see that,” Lauderdale said.

“I’m going to do my best to keep her memory going for them,” Jackson said.

They hope someone who saw what happened to Jonice will come forward and help police.

“It would mean everything to me. It would put me at a little bit more peace,” Jackson said.

Raytown police said Wednesday afternoon there are no updates in Burks case.

If you have any information about what happened to Jonice call the tips hotline at (816) 474-TIPS. You can remain anonymous.

Jackson said they are currently struggling to cover her daughter’s funeral expenses. She had life insurance but they are struggling to get approval from her provider. If you are able to help this family in any way there is a Gofundme to assist them.