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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan.— A month after a former Prairie Village police officer’s license was revoked, FOX4 is learning more details on why.

A woman claims former officer Rolando Swaby, made sexual gestures through text and social media after arresting her for a DUI in March of 2020.

“I mean you’re taking a person who just got arrested for a DUI and you’re asking them if you want to meet at a hotel, get some liquor and some snacks and have sex,” Brandan Davies, the woman’s attorney, said.

Davies said that is some context from a text message thread between his client and Swaby.

“You’re taking a person who obviously has some sort of issue with alcohol or they wouldn’t be in the situation they are in and you’re kind of preying on that as well as your position of power over them,” Davies said.

Davies said his client was arrested for driving drunk in March of 2020.

Swaby, the officer who arrested her, allegedly got her information and started reaching out in a provocative way.

Davies said after his client told him, he made a report with the police department. They interviewed his client and he assumed the department would fire Swaby, but it didn’t.

“At the end of the investigation we determined that the relationship or the communication was mutual,” Prairie Village Police Chief Byron Roberson said.

Chief Roberson said Swaby was under administrative leave during the investigation, but the department learned he didn’t use his resources to contact the woman and reached out after she was arrested.

“That’s ugh, in our opinion, that’s unethical but mistakes do happen,” Chief Roberson said.

“That can be you, that can be one of my kids, that can be my wife, that could be anybody out there getting pressured by this officer to engage in sexual conduct,” said Davies. “It’s just wrong.”

Swaby was terminated from the department after a domestic investigation in October 2021.

Davies said he reached out to The Kansas Commission of Peace Officers’ Standards and Training about the traffic stop involving his client.

The commission investigated the traffic stop along with the physical altercation in October of 2021, and revoked Swaby’s license.