More Police on Patrol After Deadly Night

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A metro dad says he wants to see some major changes in Kansas City, Mo. after a violent night in Kansas City. The murder rate for the city stands at 95.

FOX 4 talked to a dad who is concerned for the safety of his three kids.

Cameron Marchbanks says he worries about his kids playing outside by themselves. The family lives close to where one of the city’s recent homicides happened.

“There’s been a lot of stuff going on,” said Quincy Marchbanks. “Shootings. You hear a lot of shootings and stuff around the neighborhood.”

On Friday night and Saturday morning, there was more crime than usual. Kansas City Police say six people were killed in a 12 hour period all within a few blocks of one another.

Police are expected to have 20 percent more patrols out after the deadly incidents. That’s not enough for one neighbor.

“I’ve been staying here basically all my life and ain’t nothing really going to change, nothing is going to change,” said neighbor Cameron Jones.

Police Chief Darryl Forte says that’s not true. He wants to boost community policing because it will make a difference in the long run.

“At one of the locations people heard gunshots this morning, they heard what they thought was somebody falling, but you know what, no one opened the door to look out,” said Police Chief Darryl Forte.

Marchbanks says he hopes having more police on the streets will keep his family safe.

“I’d like to see more family stuff going on around neighborhood, cleaning up the houses and people looking for the neighbors,” Marchbanks said.

If you have information about any crimes, you can call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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