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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Heart disease is the number one killer for women. It steals one in every three.

Women across the metro came together Friday to learn and support each other at the “Go Red” luncheon. More than 1,000 women donned red in solidarity.

The keynote speaker for the event, Belinda Waggoner, came last year and a few weeks after suffered a heart attack. Waggoner said she was blessed to survive.

“One in three women will die from a cardiac event in their life,” she said. “So if I can inspire just one woman in this room to take care of themselves, get tested, go find out their numbers, then I feel like that’s a privilege I should serve.”

Event co-chair Kortney Govro’s husband survived a heart attack, which made her want to get involved.

“We want to educate and drive awareness, really empower women,” she said. “We’re the CEOs of our family. We’re going all out to get everything done. We want to take a moment and stop, so that we can learn about what are our numbers, how can we take care of ourselves, and how can we really save a life.”

Govro said even if you couldn’t come to the event, doing something for your heart like taking some red meat out of your diet, reducing salt or starting to exercise can make a world of difference.