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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Waiting in lines is something that is often associated with black Friday sales. This weekend, there were long lines for free dental care in KCK.

Dentists and other volunteers served more than 2000 people over the two-day clinic located at the old Walmart at 65th & State in KCK, and some call this experience of helping people in dire dental health–priceless.”

The Kansas Mercy of Mission Free Dental Clinic drew people in need from across the metro as well as hundreds of miles away. More than 300 dentists and hygienists provided everything from education to intensive oral procedures.

For many receiving help it’s their first time ever sitting in a dentists chair. Volunteers say it’s heartwarming and extremely rewarding to see some people smile for the first time ever and be able to live pain free. Unemployment and the high cost of dental insurance are common reasons people don’t get dental care. While the clinic provides a much needed solution, here’s how a dentist responds to people who think their everyday work may be part of the problem.

“It’s easy to say it’s too expensive, and it is expensive, but I think dentistry–when you compare it to any other health care cost–dentistry is an incredible value,” said dentist Dr. John Fales.

Children made up about 300 of the estimated 2,300 people served on Friday and Saturday. It’s the organization’s 11th clinic statewide since it formed nine years ago.

The Kansas Mission of Mercy clinic is planning its next big free clinic in the state of Kansas for sometime early 2013.