More than 30 people forced to pay after their cars get towed during Trump’s visit

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Anyone who parked on the street Tuesday near the Municipal Auditorium while the President was in town got a big surprise: They got towed.

More than 30 people had to pay up to get their cars out out of the impound lot Tuesday, including a frustrated Sherri Jeffrey.

“I was visiting my son, and it was in front of an apartment complex that is not marked as no parking,” she said.

Jeffrey is in town from out of state. But instead of having fun with her son, they spent the afternoon at the Vehicle Impound Facility retrieving her car.

“I left early this morning to go to the VFW convention, which was about two blocks away, and when I came back, all the cars that were parked there -- there were about five or six of us parked there -- were all gone,” Jeffrey said.

She was parked at 11th and Broadway and said she learned two days ago that Trump was coming to KC.

“But did not know there was any reason not to have my car parked where it was at,” Jeffrey added.

She said there were no signs indicating she couldn't park there.

But around 6 a.m., city tow trucks were hauling away cars from 10th to 16th streets and Washington Street to Baltimore Avenue near the Municipal Auditorium where Trump was speaking to the VFW National Convention.

“It was parked legally on a side street,” Jeffrey said.

She said she spoke to a local police officer because she didn't understand what happened.

“They said they didn`t authorize this, but they came and towed all the cars, and they had nothing to do with it,” Jeffrey said.

Local police gave her phone numbers to contact about getting her car back and said the Secret Service was behind the towing.

KC Police later told FOX4 there should have been signs posted telling people not to park in certain areas downtown. However, a police spokesperson said he didn't personally see the signs posted.

“Going online and researching it and finding my car was here for sure, it was going to be fees of $265,” Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey said her car has been parked there since Sunday with no problems.

“It`s just putting pressure on us people that come to town to visit and have a good time, have it all messed up,” Jeffrey said. “Yes, it is ridiculous.”



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