More than two months until massive sinkhole in East Bottoms gets fixed, city says

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. –The headache won’t stop for some people who travel through the East Bottoms.

Business owners say they’re still being held hostage by a sinkhole that formed in June, and it’s not going to end any time soon.

“It’s not like this is a crate the size that would expect,” State Supply Company employee Andy Brown said Monday. “It’s not that big of a hole.”

Adding to Brown’s frustrations is the news that work on the massive sinkhole near Shelley and Guinotte won’t be fixed for months.

KC Public Works said the project won’t be completed until sometime in early November.

Brown said the road work makes it nearly impossible to get around the East Bottoms. Right now, drivers have to cut through the three pipe yards owned State Supply as well as a company parking lot.

When trains come through the area, Brown said getting around the East Bottoms becomes even more difficult — and adds time to delivery routes for large trucks.

“We’re all happy they’re going to fix the street, but it’s at the point now where it’s absolutely costing all of us a tremendous amount,” Brown said.

Earlier this month, Public Works said heavy rain this spring and the saturated ground contributed to the sinkhole. The department also said several pressurized utility lines failed.

Multiple utility companies are involved in the repairs, one of the reasons work is taking so long. Public Works said it’s holding weekly conference calls to make sure everyone involved stays on track.

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