KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mother Nature had been kind with mostly mild temperatures and wintry weather in the metro at the beginning of the season, but as FOX4’s weather team predicts a second round of wintry weather in less than a week on Thursday, it’s a perfect reminder to prepare for the safety of your car and others. 

Missouri AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria says the scene of gridlocked drivers on I-95 in Virginia is evidence that encountering an emergency while on the roads during winter storms can happen to anyone. 

“No one really thinks they are going to get stranded that way when they go out for a road trip, or to work,” he said. “But we know that in winter weather, things can turn bad pretty quickly.” 

He says doing things like a quick quarter trick is the first step to staying safe. 

“[Place the quarter upside down in the treading] If you can see the top of Washington’s head, it’s probably time for some new tires,” he said. 

He says an emergency kit with items like blankets, water, food and extra layers can help if you happen to find yourself stranded. 

Missouri Highway Patrol Sergeant Andy Bell says for many people in a winter storm, the golden rule is to stay home. 

“Just leaving the house because they are bored, or they want to see the winter storm, that’s just not safe, when they could totally stay home and be safe,” he said.

If you must get on the road, preparation is key with returning safely to your destination. 

“You don’t want to wait until it’s too late to get ready,” Chabarria said.