Mother dog takes in pups that aren’t hers and nurses them like they’re her own

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local animal shelter is calling it a Thanksgiving miracle. First, a batch of puppies was dropped off to KC Pet Project, but without their mother.

Then, a mama dog who has recently had puppies was dropped off. The pups don’t belong to her, but she is taking them in.

Shelter staffers say they put surrogate and the three 4-week old puppies in a kennel together. Ever since, the surrogate has been nursing them and protecting them as her own.

“It was a great little Thanksgiving miracle for us because that doesn’t always work out, and we thought we were going to have to bottle feed the puppies. But this mom has taken care of them; they are a great little family,” said Teresa Johnson.

Shelter staffers say normally they would have to find a foster family for the puppies so they could be bottle fed, so they are relived they found a surrogate to do the job.

The puppies will be up for adoption once they are 8 weeks old.



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