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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A child is dead and a grieving Independence mother is left to wonder why. Myra Price made the most difficult decision a parent can ever make: she told doctors to take her daughter off life support.

FOX 4’s Robert Townsend spoke with the heartbroken mother about her decision, and what led the family to such dire circumstances.

“I’m mad as hell right now. The crying is over. I’ve cried a lot and I’ve prayed a lot,” a fuming, grief-stricken Price said.

“My baby was always smiling. She was always joyful. She loved to dance and she should be here with me right now,” the 23-year-old mother said as she fought back tears.

Price is convinced someone severely beat her little girl.

“I had a feeling something was going on with her. Didn’t nobody believe me, the police, asking them, asking DFS,” Price said.

On Oct. 22 of last year, Price said she took her daughter, 3-year-old Honesty Sanders, to the child’s paternal grandmother’s home.

Price said she wanted her child to stay for a while with her ex-boyfriend’s mother.

“I was off work for a couple of weeks. I asked her, ‘Right now I’m struggling. I really need your help,” Price explained.

Price said the grandmother took Honesty to the child’s father’s home in Kansas City, Kan.

During the last seven months, Price said she never saw her child again, and only spoke to Honesty on the phone three times.

“He would let me talk to her for a little bit or I be like, ‘Honesty, are you okay?’ He’d take the phone from her and that’s how you know something was wrong,” Price said.

More than a week ago, on May 27, Price said a KCK police detective called her from the University of Kansas Hospital, saying that her child was in the Intensive Care Unit.

A police spokesperson said earlier that morning, officers when to an apartment on Vermont Street in KCK and found Honesty was unresponsive.

Price said she rushed to the hospital and learned her child suffered critical injuries.

“If a baby comes in the hospital by themself unresponsive, brain-damaged, crushed lungs, that’s showing bruises all over her body, that’s abuse so I don’t understand why there’s nobody in custody,” Price said.

Police said right now they’re still interviewing people about the child’s injuries.

On Monday, Price simply couldn’t bear to see her child in such a state any longer, and the heart-wrenching decision to let Honesty go.

“Basically, she was a vegetable,” Price explained. “I wasn’t going to her hurt like that.”

Although Honesty is now gone, her mother is not giving up the fight to find the person who injured her, promising, “Justice is going to be served for her.”