Mother finds out home was burglarized while at hospital with her child

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A mother recently returned home from the hospital to find her home ransacked. Lela Kyle spent five days at Children's Mercy with her daughter Sa'Reena. On Sunday afternoon Lela said she got a call from her father who said someone stole several items from inside her home.

As we walked with Lela through her home, she pointed out several things that are obviously missing; including a large TV that was mounted to the wall. She got the news about the burglary while still at the hospital.

“When I got on the phone from the page, he told me that all of our TVs, her computer, the digital picture frame that had pictures of my boyfriend in it that passed away…all his pictures was in there just running and they stole the picture,” Lela said.

Her boyfriend died a few months ago in a car wreck. Lela said the TV that was stolen was a gift from him. Also swiped, a digital picture frame with her boyfriend’s photos in it. Her 13-year-old daughter has autism among many other health problems. She said not having her computer is a big problem.

“And now she doesn't have that, so since we've been home, I've have to come up with things to keep her busy," she said.

Lela said her sister was staying at the house while she was at the hospital and believes her sister may have left the back door unlocked. According to the police report, the rear sliding door was open and unlocked when they arrived and it is believed the thief may be someone Lela knows.

“Whoever it was, knew; you know what I'm saying? They knew everything about my house,” she said.

She said there are always people in her house, but she's not pointing fingers. One thing is certain, she doesn't feel safe.

“I don't know who did it, so I still feel violated, scared to really be in the house by myself. I don't know, I just don't feel right,” she said.

Fingerprints were taken, but returned negative results. Lela said she doesn't feel safe in that house, but can't move until her lease is up in a few months. So she said she'll just have to tough it out.



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