Mother Nature causes damage throughout the metro — and it’s just the beginning

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The wind, rain and flash flooding have caused damage throughout the metro.

“A tree fell and murdered our car,” reads a post on Reddit, after an old silver maple crushed the poster’s white compact SUV.

Mother Nature also caused the roof of a mobile home in KCMO to collapse into it under the weight of rainwater.

But by far the most damage caused Tuesday was by flash flooding.

“This is the worst I have seen in 12 years here” Michael Sheldon said, who lives at Lake of the Forest in Bonner Springs, Kansas. “Yeah, it was pretty crazy.”

The community’s lake is up about 4 feet over its banks, rushing water knocking over whatever was in its path, cutting off the entrance to the neighborhood.

“My car is kind of high off of the ground, and I bet it would have flipped. And we would have rolled all the way down into that little creek down there and gone out into the river. It was really fast,” Sheldon said.

Just over a mile downstream from Lake of the Forest, right next to a creek that feeds into the Kansas River, is another neighborhood that also flooded. The water rising quickly.

“My brother went to the store and came back 20 minutes later, and it went from being in the banks to being at our front door,” Carl Rowland said.

His car drowned and the swift water washed away tree stumps, garbage bags and anything else not tied down in its path.

“I was told by the city that these were 100 year flood events that I have to expect but obviously it is more than a 100 year flood event,” Rowland said. “This is three years in a row that we have had debris washed into the front of our house.”

In an effort to alleviate the flooding, Rowland said the channel has been widened at the source and mouth of the creek, but instead of fixing the flooding issue, that just made it worse.

“When you increase the amount of water that flows up here its got to go somewhere,” Rowland said. “If you don’t fix it all the way down, it comes out of the banks and into our houses.”

And this is just the beginning. FOX4 meteorologists are predicting more rain throughout the week and into Memorial Day weekend.

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