Mother of four children killed in KCMO

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Saturday morning, Deandrea Vine became Kansas City's 67th homicide victim of 2018, and less than nine hours after Kansas City's Cease Fire Weekend began.

She was 27 years old, and a mother of four children.

The front lawn is freshly mowed in front of Deandrea Vine`s home near 92nd street and Wallace in Kansas City.  It is the same front yard her family found her laying in around 4:00 Saturday morning.

"My grandson came in," explained Berniece Jackson, "he turned around and said `Deandrea`s out here, dead.`"

Jackson sat in the front yard and looked at a stretch of grass.

She continued talking about how she found her granddaugher.  "My son and I ran up here, and we saw her laying in the grass."

While nearly 10 people, including Deandrea Vine's four young children, were a few feet away inside the split-level house, someone stabbed the 27 year old.  Vine worked at Wal-Mart, and her children range in ages from 7 years to 21 months old.  Their father died last year.

Deandrea's mother, Kelly Jackson, was at work when she got the phone call saying there'd been an emergency.

"I still believe she's going to walk through that door.  But I know she's not," said Kelly Saturday morning.

She stood quietly, with the front door to her back.  She says she never got to see her daughter after she got home.  She only saw police and crime scene tape.

"I wanted to see her," as tears fell from her eyes, "so maybe I wouldn't be watching the door, waiting on her to come back."

She didn't see what happened; no one else did either.

"No one knows anything," said Kelly.

At least, nothing that police are releasing, though they continue to investigate.  The family says the killing happened between 2:00 and 4:00 am.  They also say she was last seen outside talking to a young man.

Grandmother Berniece's voice turned hard.  "If he did do it, I hope he comes forward and says he did it."

She added, "instead of us trying to figure out what happened."

"I just want justice.  I want whoever did it found.  Hopefully at least somebody would know," said mother Kelly, wiping a tear away, "that's all I'm asking."

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers: 474-TIPS, or 911.

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