KANSAS CITY, Mo. — 10 years after a four-year-old was killed, the person prosecutors believe is responsible is in custody.  

The mother of Aydan Perea is sharing her relief three days after receiving the news of an arrest in the case. 

“He was ready to start kindergarten. Even at four years old that was his little goal at that point, was to be able to go to school, ride the bus and make friends,” Lindsey Connor, Perea’s Mom said.

Perea—a little boy with a contagious smile—would never get that chance.

“He was just so sweet, and I loved his smile, it was just so great to see him smile. He was such a happy kid,” Connor said.

It was December 15, 2012, when Perea was shot in the head. He would be on life support for the next six days. Eventually, the kid who was just excited to go to school was gone.

“He was just my baby boy to me, he’s the most special thing in this world,” Connor said.

It would be the next year in 2013 when prosecutors charged Martin Olmedo in Perea’s death.

There was just one problem. Police couldn’t track him down.

That was until last week when Olmedo was deported from Mexico, and with coordination between the FBI offices in Kansas City, Houston, and Mexico City, he was brought into custody.

“Please acknowledge what you’ve done to my child and face the consequences that you deserve because you did do this,” Connor said.

“When this happened and Aydan was killed, part of Lindsey died that day too, and she’s not been the same since that day and she never will be. It’s just a relief for me to know she’s actually going to see something happen from this,” Linda Connor, Perea’s Grandmother said.

The lasting memory Connor has of her son is a mold of his hand from his final days that the staff at Children’s Mercy gifted her.

“It brings me happiness because I miss my son so much, but it also reminds me of what was taken from me. I feel like Aydan’s reaching out and he just knows that justice is here, so now I can just look at that hand and feel a lot better,” Lindsey Connor said.  

Olmedo is charged with second-degree murder. He had his first appearance on Friday.

As for the next steps, Lindsey Connor tells us she has a meeting with prosecutors this upcoming week.