Mother says she knows who killed her son, yet no charges have been filed a year later

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — “We just need justice for my son, and for all these young adults out here who have been murdered,” says Rhonda Herring, Brandon Herring’s mother.

They waited for weeks after his death, but a metro family says that wait isn’t over yet.

21-year-old Brandon Herring disappeared a year ago. His family spent the holidays not knowing Herring’s whereabouts. In January, searchers looking for a missing woman found Herring’s body.

FOX 4’s Melissa Stern spoke to his mother who says they know who did it, even though no one’s been charged.

“He was as big man, but a loving teddy bear,” Rhonda says.

It’s been one year since Brandon “Mac Bear” Herring disappeared.

“I called my son, I said, ‘how are you doing?’ He said, ‘I’m alright mom.’ I said, ‘it doesn’t sound like it. What’s going on?’ A mother knows her children; her heart lets her know what’s going on, her stomach,” Rhonda added.

This was the last conversation Rhonda herring had with her son.

“The police told me right after he hung up his phone, they feel that’s when they had shot him in his head,” Rhonda said.

His phone was never found. It was turned off after that.

Two months later, his body was found in the area of 67th and Lewis.

Herring’s body was reportedly found by a team searching for missing woman, Jessica Runions. Runions went missing in September after leaving a party.

“I try not to think about the pain, the feelings. They’re there every day because I wake up every day with my son not here,” Rhonda said.

Rhonda said she knows who killed her son, and why. But no charges have ever been filed.

“The police have been telling me they need more evidence. A young lady heard them when they shot Brandon in the truck, but she didn’t see it,” Rhonda explained. “Jealousy. It was about money. Brandon was trying to buy a new car, get an apartment for his new son and his fiancée.”

His fiancée was pregnant with him when Brandon was killed. He never got to meet his son, King Joseph.

“It’s tough, it’s real tough thinking about that, because having a daughter, I can’t really imagine not being there for my daughter, so to even think about Brandon not being there for King, or Shakayla waking up without Brandon being there to actually be a daddy, and not even getting a chance to meet him, it’s just the most hurtful thing,” said Tyshawn Pennington, Brandon’s friend.

“You never expect to bury your children. Your children are supposed to bury you,” Rhonda said.

Rhonda asks that anyone with any information comes forward.

They’ve started a YouCaring fundraiser to raise reward money to find Brandon’s killers and to help raise his 11-month old baby.

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