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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Hickman Mills mother is wondering how her 10-year-old daughter could just walk out of school and head home. Tanya Warren says since the beginning of the school year her daughter has been bullied by other students.

Warren says the verbal and physical abuse occurred on her daughter’s school bus and at Santa Fe Elementary School. Thursday afternoon the 10-year-old told her parents she got tired of kids taunting her, so the fifth grader walked right out of the school’s front door and trekked about two-and-a half miles to her home by herself.

A frustrated Warren says Santa Fe’s administrators didn’t know her child left the school building for at least an hour.

“The scariest of it all to me is the fact that a 10-year-old, not just my 10-year-old, any 10-year-old walking out of a building home on those busy streets. There’s a lot of everything out there. Anything could’ve happened. You know this could have been the last I’ve seen of my child,” Warren said.

The little girl, Dina Martin, said the bullying was relentless and was upset when her teacher didn’t defend her.

“The boys were messing with me and then he was being rude, and then he tried, he kept getting me in trouble. Then the teacher just took his side, so I just walked out of the building,” she said.

Warren says she’s now considering transferring her daughter to another school. A district spokesperson says all security procedures at the school were followed properly since the girl left the building on her own.