Mother upset after teacher hits child on the head with iPad

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A mother is outraged after she said a teacher hit her 10-year-old on the head with an iPad.

Slamming doors in anger, inappropriate language, and the recovery room, this is the discipline form documenting Marcus McGinnie’s behavior. His teacher at Dobbs Elementary also wrote she “bopped him on the head with an iPad” on Monday.

He said he was hit on the head three times.

McGinnie threw a temper tantrum and admitted he was wrong for acting out. But he thought the teacher also handled it the wrong way. The report said his homeroom teacher tried to “laugh it off” by saying “don’t be a jerk about it.” The report also claims McGinnie tried to swing at the teacher. But the 5th grader said that wasn’t the case.

"When she grabbed my chin, I did this to her arm," he said and shaved his arm away.

Mom Jahvon Wright understands that kids need to be disciplined for bad behavior but believes the teacher went too far. She picked her son up from school and headed straight to the E.R because he had a headache and blurry vision.

"I feel like she should’ve called someone in the office to help her instead of picking up the iPad and hitting him with it," she said.

The Hickman Mills School District said it was not available for comment. McGinnie was suspended for one day for profrane language and consistent defiance of authority. In the end, McGinnie said he no longer feels safe in his own classroom.

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