Mother who lost daughter in tragic electrocution, supported by church friends

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A church came together Sunday to pray and seek justice for a young mother who lost her life in a car accident.

Lachelle Kemp was electrocuted after crashing her car into a utility pole in Leavenworth Wednesday.

The accident happened four months after she was nearly stabbed to death in a convenience store parking lot in Leavenworth. Leavenworth County prosecutors charged her ex-boyfriend,Richard Bennett, 27, with two counts of attempted murder because Lachelle was 7-months pregnant with the couple’s child.

Some of Lachelle’s friends and family fear prosecutors will drop the charges now that their key witness isn’t able to testify.

“She can’t stand up for herself, so her family is going to be here and the church is going to be here,” said Lea Kemp, Lachelle’s mother. “She suffered everyday of her life for him. He thinks he’s going to get out? No, he’s not going to get out.”

Pastor Tony Caldwell led the Eternal Life Church’s tribute to Lachelle. His message rang out loud and clear.

“I know this family aint gonna give up. The devil messing with the wrong one today,” he said.

Even without their key witness, the victim’s mother insists prosecutors must press forward and stop at nothing until justice is served.

“He’s going to serve time because he stabbed her twice in the head, once in her belly and once in her back. He could have killed her dead,” said Lea.

Lea says she’s able to find inner peace knowing Lachelle’s children are safe and sound and also that she has her church family to lean on during these tough times.

“This is so wonderful, it’s beautiful. I thank God for this. He told me he wasn’t going to let me be alone,” she said.

Sunday’s church offering was collected to help pay for Lachelle’s funeral and burial.

The family is accepting outside donations to go towards this, and also Lachelle’s children.

To donate, visit or call any Armed Force Bank branch in Leavenworth.



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