KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Authorities have identified the body of a man who drowned while sailing on the Missouri River earlier this month. 

Missouri State Highway Patrol began searching for Brian E. Hale, 47, of Carrollton, Missouri, after his sailboat crashed into a stationary barge on Saturday, May 20. 

According to the highway patrol, Hale was traveling down the Missouri River in a 16-foot sailboat with a broken rudder. When the boat floated in front of the barge, Hale was unable to correct its pathway and crashed into the stationary barge. 

Hale’s boat then sank and reemerged on the other end of the barge.

Troopers recovered Hale’s body on the Missouri River near the 350 mile marker on Friday, May 26. No one else was on the boat at the time of the crash.