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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Seven people were hospitalized following a multi-vehicle traffic accident Tuesday morning north of the river. Police say it happened about 7:15 a.m. near Vivion and Highland roads in Kansas City, Mo.

Four adults and three children are being treated for injuries following the chain reaction wreck involving four vehicles.

Many neighbors rushed out of their homes to try to help the injured. According to investigators, a maroon SUV was headed eastbound on Vivion Road. Police say two adults and three children were inside that vehicle. Police tell FOX 4 News they have received a report that the woman driving the maroon SUV may have suffered from some sort of medical condition, possibly a diabetic seizure, that caused her to cross the center line and hit other vehicles.

“As you can imagine it was busy at the time in the morning,” said Capt. Tye Grant of the Kansas City police department. “I believe there were a lot of people around I’m sure that tried to help.”

Grant says all five people in the maroon SUV have been hospitalized, as well as the adult drivers of two other vehicles. Witnesses described the accident scene as being “just awful.”

“I heard a very, very loud crash,” said Shaunda Shupert, who lives on Vivion Road. “I ran outside to see what happened. And I saw that it was a pretty bad accident so I called 911 right away, and tried to go over to the blue car. We had another neighbor concerned that it was her daughter in the car. It wasn’t, but we saw that the lady was really hurt. So we were trying to talk with her before the ambulance arrived.”

Police say the driver of that blue Saturn, the woman who Shupert tried to help, suffered life-threatening injuries. Shupert told FOX 4 News it took firefighters and other rescue workers nearly a half hour to free her from the wreckage of her vehicle.

Police say the only person not taken to the hospital was a 17-year-old girl, who was driving one of the vehicles involved in the accident. She was on her way to high school and police say although she’s shook up, she’s been helping investigators determine exactly what happened.