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BELTON, Mo. — Dozens of students and parents at Belton High School were devastated after they heard they’ll have to miss graduation.

“It was devastating. I started sobbing because I had three days left at the moment,“ said Lucas Freeman, a senior at Belton High.

Several students in a school musical tested positive for COVID-19. Now, many of the cast and crew must also quarantine for two weeks.

Parents said roughly 70 students are currently in quarantine and more than 30 are seniors who will miss graduation.

“Yesterday he came home, and he was fuming mad. Very sad, very disappointed, angry, going through all those emotions,“ Jason Savage said of his son who is a senior at Belton.

Savage said the 14-day quarantine doesn’t make sense because he believes his son doesn’t have COVID-19. 

“Yes, he got a test yesterday, and it came back negative,” Savage said.

The CDC allows for a 10-day quarantine but out of an abundance of caution the school district has maintained 14 days all year. That 14-day quarantine instead of 10 means they’ll miss the ceremony.

“My son finds it very unfair and cannot understand, and I don’t have a way to explain it to them,” Lucas Freeman’s mom Traci Mutter said.

School representatives tell FOX4 that they are planning to hold another graduation on June 3 for those that miss the initial ceremony on May 14.

But some students say it’s not what they want. 

“It’s nice to consider, but it won’t be the same,” Freeman said.

School administrators said there is no chance that the rule gets changed.