Mummies featured in new exhibit coming to Union Station

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Mummies are coming to Kansas City.

Union Station just announced its next touring exhibition, and it shows how people from all over the world have been preserved after death.

It’s called Mummies of the World, and right now it’s the most well attended exhibition in the country.

"You get a chance to look inside the past," said George Guastello, Union Station President and CEO. "To learn about people, to learn about their culture in their experiences. People are really enamored with these real mummies. We'll have over 150 artifacts from all over the world."

Kansas City will get to host the exhibit because of the success of Pompeii. More than 113,000 people have seen Pompeii since it opened. Union Station officials say this is one of their top five well-attended exhibits of all time – right up there with King Tut, Titanic and Princess Diana.

When Mummies of the World opens in late June, you won’t just see Egyptians, who are famous for their history of mummification. You’ll also see a family preserved in a crypt after they died from the plague; a body preserved in a bog; even mummified animals. In addition, the exhibit will show how today’s technology is helping researchers learn more about these people’s personal lives along with their culture from thousands of years ago.

"I think People are enamored with the culture," Guastello said. "They are enamored with how these people lived, how they died, and they are stories have been preserved forever."

The exhibit is currently in Houston but is expected to open up in Kansas City on June 20.

As for Pompeii, it’ll be in Kansas City until the end of May.




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