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LINWOOD, Mo. — The local muscular dystrophy chapter lost materials for their summer camp at Tall Oaks due to flooding of its storage unit.

Camp is in 18 short days, and as FOX 4’s Melissa Stern reports, they lost all their costumes, games, and supplies.

“It’s the best week of the year over anything,” said one camper, Matt Allen, “If I could be there every day, I would. Now, I’d probably miss my family a little bit, but…”

Eleven-year-old Matt Allen has been going to the Muscular Dystrophy Association Camp at Tall Oaks for four years.

“We hear about it for weeks, and then he starts the countdown. Literally when he comes home, he starts the calendar that says how many more days before he goes back to camp,” said him mom, Vanessa.

He loves swimming, archery, and zip-lining.

“Everything they have there is handicapped-ready, for the most handicapped person,” Matt said.

The camp is one week long and caters to people like Matthew, so they can experience activities they normally might not get a chance to. But the recent storms flooded their storage unit, ruining boxes full of camp items and supplies needed to help ensure camp is the most fun it can be.

“Tons and tons of stuff that make camp the best week of the year for our campers, we had three big trunks of costumes, arts and crafts supplies,” said Michelle Norman, the Family Care Specialist with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Camp is in 18 days and now they’re behind.

“If it’s not replaced, then camp wouldn’t be as good as usual and not as fun,” Matt said.

“To think the kids are going to be missing out on all these things that they’re not going to have this year, it’s going to be very limited, and that’s rough, because the kids come to expect it’s going to be a huge party,” Vanessa added. “To have things missing is going to be a hard hit for them. Luckily, they still have camp, but it just won’t be the same without all these activities.”

It’s a tough situation for a camp that aims to give kids with muscular dystrophy and related muscle-debilitating diseases “the best week of the year.”

“There’s so many times in the year when they have heartbreak because they can’t do things other kids can do, and we raised Matthew knowing that everyone has their own struggles, this is just his struggle, but it’s important to find things that the kids can do and make them believe they can do anything,” Vanessa said.

An Amazon Wish List to help MDA camp can be found here. Many of the items can be bought for $10 or less.

They are also still looking for male counselors for the week if anyone is interested in volunteering.