Muslims condemn ISIS for abusing the name of Islam with social media campaign

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan .– The Islamic Center of Johnson County has joined the #NotInMyName campaign.

Many Muslims are condemning ISIS for abusing the name of Islam with acts of terrorism, and showing the world that terrorism is un-Islamic.

“Whether it`s done by a Muslim, or any faith, any criminal that does that, it`s very heartbreaking,” said Sofia Khan is a physician.

It’s her job is to save lives, yet because she is Muslim, her religion is often associated with terrorism.

“I have incidents when I’m driving the car and someone happens to be passing by and they`ll show me the finger or something,” Khan said. “I had one patient while back in Topeka who came up to me and said, ‘I don`t want this person to see me because she`s a terrorist.'”

Khan says she`s been blessed living in the Midwest, most people are very nice, but says one thing needs to be clear about terrorists.

“They do not represent all the Muslims of the world,” Khan added.

Arif Ahmad, the secretary of the Islamic Center of Johnson County, says they decided to join the #NotInMyName campaign after the Paris attacks.

“#NotInMyName basically echoes the sentiment that this is not us, these guys are murderers, they are thugs,” added Ahmad. “Just the fact that we are Muslim, does not mean that I subscribe to that ideology.”

Ahmad says there are 20,000 to 25,000 Muslims in the Kansas City metro area — and says none of them agree with the murderous ideology.

“We`re trying to let everybody know, including those people, that they cannot use our religious as an excuse for whatever ideology they have,” said Khan.

“The guy who shot in Colorado [The Planned Parenthood shooting], he was left to defend himself, in our case, Muslims, every time somebody does this, he may be mentally ill, we are dragged into it,” Ahmad said.

“I raise my kids not as my Pakistani inheritance, but as american Muslims, they love this country, and we are all Americans, and we pride ourselves in being American Muslims, this is our culture, this is who we are, and we don`t want to be connected to anything other than that,” added Khan.

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