‘My first instinct was to help’: Man caught in middle of Raytown shooting that left teen dead


RAYTOWN, Mo. — Raytown police are investigating after a Tuesday night shooting left one teen dead and two other men injured.

And now prosecutors have charged two men in connection with the shooting on Wednesdsay.

The shooting happened near 63rd and Blue Ridge Boulevard and the Raytown Plaza Shopping Center.

“This isn’t a bad neighborhood, hasn’t been a bad neighborhood, not something you would expect every day,” said Chris Trinidad who witnessed the shooting. “The world is crazy right now. You think things like that won’t happen in your back door, you just never know now.”

Trinidad said he was at the Maytag Equipped Laundry, in the same shopping plaza, when he heard the gunshots.

“At first, we thought maybe those were fireworks. Then when the glass started breaking, it was like, ‘Oh no, not fireworks, definitely gunshots,’” Trinidad said.

He said 10-15 people were also inside and immediately started taking cover, as the gunshots continued.

Trinidad said two men frantically ran inside the laundromat with blood trails following.

“Both of them were very high panicked. They were both definitely in shock,” Trinidad said. “I didn’t even look to see who was chasing him. He ran through the door, and I saw bleeding and the first thing I thought, ‘You have to stop the bleeding so that an ambulance can get here and save him.'”

With a background in emergency medical services, Trinidad said he worked to apply pressure to one of the men’s wounds and calm them down. Another person called 911.

Police said at least one of the men was shot. A teenage boy was found dead down the street at the Discount Smoke and Convenience Store parking lot.

Business owners are still working to clean up blood and replace broken windows shattered by bullets. 

Police have not identified the victim in this case yet. 

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