My Little Pony fans hold ‘Brony’ convention

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — It was a hit show from the 1980’s and now people are gathering in Overland Park to express their love for my little pony. Close to 300 people are attending what is called ‘Brony Fest’ some coming from as far away as Minnesota, Hawaii and even Australia to take part.

They are all people that have found a love for the show My Little Pony. Many of them said they fell in love with the show later in life, like high school, college even older and they love the show for so many reasons.

“I think it comes down to different things for different Bronies, which are what the fans are called,” Brony Alex Popp said. “Some folks like myself, I’m more attracted to some of the fan created music.”

Some like Princess Luna came in costume; others brought their favorite stuffed animals along. And then there are those that have made a living off the show.

Sherry Bourlan said her love for the show started as a result of her son.

“My son is a Brony and I didn’t realize he is a Brony. He sent me all of the first season episodes to watch them and I fell in love with them,” Bourlan said. “When I started watching it and there were so many adult references I fell in love with it.”

If you want to take part the doors open Sunday at 9 a.m. You will have to pay the registration fee, for more information follow this link.

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