Mysterious jacket owner’s good deed warms driver’s heart

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local college student is counting his blessings following an accident where he says several Good Samaritans helped him out.

Late Wednesday night Kyle Coffelt was driving his 2014 Mazda near the busy intersection of 137th and Antioch Road in Overland Park when the University of Missouri-Kansas City student suddenly got caught in a three-car crash.

“It happened so fast that I had no option. I just stomped on the brakes as hard as I could,” said Coffelt.

Police cited the male driver they say failed to yield and hit the side of Coffelt’s car as he tried to drive through the traffic light.  What’s more, another driver rear-ended the UMKC student during the chain reaction crash.

“It was a little scary. All I can remember is the airbag going off,” he recounted.

Indeed, a terrible night for Coffelt, whose car was totaled. However, the young driver had no idea that several Good Samaritans would quickly come to his aid.

“It makes me feel blessed. I mean I didn’t know any of these nice people,” he told FOX 4’s Robert Townsend during an interview Friday afternoon.

“First these two ladies I’d never seen before, they came up to me after I got out of my banged-up car. They walked me over to some grass, comforted me a little and made sure that I was okay,” said Coffelt with a huge smile.

Another driver in a jeep then stopped at the crash site.

“Yeah, that guy was just driving by when he turned on his bright lights and kept lighting up the crash site so that no one would come our way. He did all that really to help protect us and keep us safe; so cool yes,” said Coffelt.

However, the random acts of kindness weren’t over.

What especially warmed Coffelt’s heart was the generous guy who walked up to him, took off his brown nylon jacket and put it around the young driver.

“He just came up behind me, put the jacket on me and then walked across the street, waited a while at the scene and then left.  All I remember is he was a young looking, nice African American man, again, I’d never seen him before either.  He was so cool. It was just great that all of these strangers wanted to comfort me and make sure that I was okay and safe,” the UMKC student said as he clutched the jacket, waiting to possibly hear from the mysterious jacket owner.



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