Naked man reportedly high on PCP jumps off roof of Kansas City home ‘like Peter Pan’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — PCP wasn’t magical fairy dust for one man KCPD arrested earlier this week, who jumped belly-first off of a roof and was tased three times before officers subdued him on Wednesday.

The victim told officers he let the 34-year-old suspect stay with him the night of November 19 in the 3500 block of Jefferson Street. Some time after noon the following day, the victim saw the suspect, who was high on PCP, throwing things out of a second-story window before climbing out and onto the home’s roof. He then jumped off belly-first “like Peter Pan,” according to the victim.

Police arrived to find the man naked and bloody following the plunge, but he managed to get up and tried to fight the victim to get back inside the home. After ignoring officers’ orders, he was tased twice, but persisted in his attempts to get inside the home. Officers tased him a third time and eventually arrested him after backup arrived.

After spitting on and kicking Kansas City Fire Department personnel, he was sedated and taken away for a medical evaluation. Police say PCP can cause some users to take off their clothes, and it may make them immune to pain. KCPD says it’s responded to numerous PCP-related calls over the past few weeks.

The suspect is facing citations for indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and property damage.

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