SHAWNEE, Kan. — The NASCAR Cup Series will call Kansas City, Kansas home this weekend.

Race crews got students in the spirit by visiting them ahead of the big weekend.

NASCAR Cup Series driver Ross Chastain and a member of his pit crew, Journey Brown, met with students at Shawano Elementary School.

“A lot of people think we just drive in a circle but when we can show kids the car, let them touch it, feel it, see it up close, touch the steering wheel,” Chastain said.

Chastain is one of dozens of NASCAR drivers participating in the race.

“Just getting to meet me, I think it sounds weird to say out loud, loud but I think just getting to tell them my story,” Chastain said.

“They’ll love to see the cars, the pace car, the stock car so that’s just always neat to see,” Kansas Speedway President, Pat Warren said.

But being a NASCAR driver isn’t all about racing, you need to be healthy too.

Chastain and Brown did stretches and warm-ups with students to show how they prepare for a race.

“It’s letting them meet real people behind the scenes and when they watch it on TV, they’ve got somebody to root for,” Chastain said.