National campaign urging people to move more while raising money for Boys & Girls Clubs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On a day that finally felt like spring, Al Baker was out exploring Penn Valley Park while getting his most important daily task completed.

"I'm from Arizona. We're already 91 degrees, so this is refreshing," Baker said. "I've been doing it ever since I was a kid, and I always do it in the morning. One of the first things I do is stretch and then get out on my walk before I start my day so it's done."

Baker said he works out five days a week. But each time he does out, he is seeing fewer people, including children, outside.

"Just the outdoor aspect isn't really pushed anymore," he said. "People are sitting on the couch, playing their video games. That`s not good for you. I see a lot of people now walking around hunched over because they are all looking at their phones from down here."

It's a habit parents Morgan Moore and Nate Sheets are working to keep their 1-year-old son Grayson from falling into.

"We come out here at least once a week, or we try to because we like to walk around, check out the nature. We like to take little man out exploring to show him what life is really about in the outdoors," Sheets said.

April is recognized as "Move More Month" and United Health Care are pushing people to do just that with the launch of a national fundraiser. By signing up you would not only help raise more than $20,000 for the Boys & Girls Club but you'd also be challenging yourself to live a better lifestyle.

"I think it's a great idea. I think it's also sad that in this day in age that you have to have a promotion for someone to go outside, but it`s great for those people that need the motivation," Moore said.

There are some folks, such as Baker, that don't need a special month to motivate them, but they're hoping to motivate others by sharing the perks of what a daily workout can do for your life.

"Just get out and do it. You`ll appreciate it, you`ll enjoy it, and it`ll make you feel a lot better. Life is good," Baker said.

Maps of popular metro walking routes and sign-up for the sweepstakes can be found here.



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