National poll shows Chiefs fans’ confidence plummeting, but should we really panic?

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Is it really time to push the panic button in the Kingdom?

A new national poll shows overall confidence in the Chiefs is plummeting, but one expert says there’s one big reason why it’s definitely too early to sound the alarm.

“There’s been a lot of freak out for the last couple weeks,” Todd Leabo with 810 Sports Radio said.

Some fans told FOX4 they’re anxious and apprehensive, but don’t tell Andy Reid that.

“We’ve got to stay positive and upbeat with it,” he told reporters.

Leabo said fans are angry, but that won’t come as a shock to most.

After two home losses, you can’t blame Chiefs fans if they’re a little anxious going into Thursday night’s game against the Denver Broncos.

“When you’re banged up like they are, that’s how it goes,” Leabo said. “The Broncos have won two in a row; Chiefs have lost two in a row. So there’s a lot of frightened people out there.”

And there’s science to back this up.

A week-to-week fan confidence poll from SB Nation shows fan confidence above 90% for the first five weeks of the season. After Sunday’s loss, Chiefs fan confidence dropped like a stone to 55%.

“Defense is a concern for sure,” fan Daniel Johnson said.

But not everyone’s pushing the panic button, and a certain NFL MVP is the reason why.

“You’ve got to right the ship. You’ve got to make sure to get this thing going the right way,” Patrick Mahomes said this week.

“The quarterback! We got the MVP of the league, and that will be enough to carry them through a lot of games,” Leabo said.

We found quite a few Chiefs fans who aren’t worried at all.

“We’re going to the Super Bowl, and Brady isn’t gonna be on the float at Disney World — Mahomes is!” fan Brandi Shaban said.

Another fan who’s not nervous: Royals left fielder Alex Gordon.

“The Chiefs are good. It’s just a couple of tough losses, and they got the injury bug. But they’ll be fine,” he said.

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