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(The Hill) — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) was swarmed by the media and angry pro-abortion rights protesters as she walked through a crowd of demonstrators outside the Supreme Court just about 15 minutes after the announcement of its decision overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights case.

“You are a traitor,” someone in the crowd yelled at Greene.

“Lock her up,” another person chanted.

But Greene, celebrating the decision, smiled as her staff blocked protesters advancing at Greene and escorted her to a secure location.

“I am so happy. It’s a blessing. It’s a miracle,” Greene said.

She then turned her attention to pro-abortion demonstrators.

“I think we have to worry about the radical left,” Greene said. “They’re going to perform an insurrection here at the Supreme Court.”

“We’ve got to protect women. Ruth Sent Us is a domestic terrorist group, and so is Jane’s Revenge,” Greene added, referencing pro-abortion rights groups that have targeted Catholic churches and anti-abortion centers. “Anyone who is supporting abortion is supporting them.”

The group Jane’s Revenge has claimed responsibility an arson attack at the office of Wisconsin Family Action, an anti-abortion group, last month.

Greene told The Hill that the Supreme Court was “courageous” for the decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health, and noted that the decision does not outlaw abortion nationwide.

“It’s just taking it back to the states, giving the right back to the states to make their own laws regarding abortion, which is extremely important,” Greene said.”

Thirteen states have trigger bans designed to ban abortion once Roe is overturned, however. Missouri was the first state to have a “trigger ban” take effect on Friday following the ruling.