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(KTLA) – A mobile home suddenly stopped moving in the middle of a California street this week, impacting traffic and forcing police to look for the drivers who abandoned the damaged structure in the road.

Police in Hemet began getting reports of the traffic hazard on Wednesday morning and arrived to find a double-wide mobile home abandoned near an intersection.

The structure had been atop a motorhome-towed trailer that experienced “a catastrophic mechanic failure, which appeared to originate from the [axle],” the Hemet Police Department wrote in a news release posted to Facebook.

Witnesses said the driver of the motorhome, as well as the driver of a Toyota pickup truck that was assisting with the move, had temporarily stopped after the accident, and helped to direct traffic around the mobile home. They then got back into their respective vehicles and left the scene, witnesses told police.

Police were able to identify the drivers after learning the original site of the mobile home. The two motorists were located in Homeland, where it was determined that they “knowingly abandoned the mobile home trailer once it became immobile.”

Police say the suspects may be ordered to repay the city for costs associated with removing the mobile home.

“There’s definitely a house arrest joke here somewhere,” the Hemet Police Department joked on Facebook.