Nationwide hunt for Indiana killer leads to KCK billboard seeking tips in teens’ murders

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A billboard along one of the metro’s busiest highways is now asking for your help in finding a killer.

The sign popped up alongside I-35 near exit 233A in Kansas City, Kan. It asks for information in the murders of 13-year-old Abigail Williams and her best friend, 14-year-old Liberty German.

The girls disappeared while on a hiking trip near an abandoned rail bridge last week in Delphi, Indiana.

“It doesn’t matter how big or small the information they give us,” said Cassie Lane, lead communicator at Carroll County’s 911 Center. “It doesn’t matter how close or far the information is. Every call is looked into.”

Investigators are now tapping towns like Kansas City looking for tips – searching nationwide for the person responsible.

“We’re hopeful,” said Lane. “Every time it rings, we wonder if that’s going to be the call, the person whatever it is the clue that we need to find who it is.”

Dispatchers helping with the investigation have already fielded more than 5,000 calls offering tips.

“We’re getting everything from, ‘I think this [is a] person I’ve known, that they’re immediate family, or it’s this person who I knew 30 years ago when I went to college with him.’”

Many of the tips are coming in after police released a chilling audio clip recovered from Liberty’s phone – a voice directing the girls to go “down the hill.”

It’s one that might belong to a man who police have identified as the main suspect in the case, and who is captured in a video still from her cell phone.

“Somebody recognizes that photo, the voice, the audio that we released,” said Sgt. Tony Slocum with Indiana State Police. “We need that information.”

It’s information that could be found right here in the metro.

“We won’t stop,” Lane said. “It doesn’t matter how long this takes. We will continue.”

If you know anything about the suspect or investigation, the FBI is asking you call 844-459-5786.



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