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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A nationwide tour pushing for repeal of the recently enacted tax reform changes made a stop here Tuesday.

Opponents claim the new federal tax breaks benefit only the wealthy, at the expense of working people.

“The truth is the truth and this tax bill is really built on a lie,” said Rabbi Doug Alpert, of Congregation Kol Ami. “Come the next decade, they are going to realize not only is their tax cut going to get taken away, they are going to pay more in taxes. Some people will pay more in taxes right away.”

Former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander brought his voting rights group to City Hall Tuesday to push for repeal of what opponents call, the Trump tax on the middle class.

The national Not One Penny campaign claims the federal tax changes are modeled after Kansas tax cuts that failed to provide the booming growth Gov. Sam Brownback expected.

Instead the state found itself without enough money to cover it’s budget, and didn’t have more funding for public schools.

Democrats predict the nation now faces a similar fate.

“What they’re doing is saying, ‘okay, you have a state that caused huge problems for itself by doing nothing but rewarding business, and not in any way thinking about working people,'” Kander said. “It was a disaster. So they want to take it nationwide.”

Supporters of the repeal effort claim a study by the Tax Policy Center shows 100-million American households will pay more in taxes while the richest Americans receive tax breaks worth nearly $150,000 each.

Organizers also claim millions will see big increases in health insurance premiums and seniors will pay more because of forced cuts to Medicare.

Kander, who failed in his bid to become a U.S. senator representing Missouri, may be planning a presidential run of his own. He has visited Iowa seven times in recent months as president of his Let America Vote group.