Navy veteran who studied for decades finally achieves his graduation goals

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After serving his country, Terry Masters wanted his bachelor’s in business administration. He finally achieved that goal in May after studying for 41 years.

Masters wanted nothing more than to retire his Navy uniform for a cap and gown.

“To set an example for my kids, my grandkids, it was something I started and wanted to finish,” he said.

Masters didn’t have enough money to pursue college straight out of high school. He knew he could get his education paid for through the G.I Bill if he served. So he joined the Navy at just 18 years old.

“It was the night of my senior prom or the day of my senior prom, which was that night,” said Masters.

After serving in the Naval Aviation for seven years, Masters traded in the open air for a classroom. He enrolled at the University of Kansas’ Edwards Campus in Overland Park.

“I’ve been confused for the instructor when I show up to class early. They ask if I’m here to teach this class, but no I’m here to learn,” Masters said.

Masters juggled quizzes and homework with life, work, and family for 41 years. He finally graduated in May, the same day as his granddaughter’s birthday.

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